The professional, friendly & caring pet care service

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Twice daily visits including feeding, litter cleaning, grooming, giving medication, letting in /out and fuss or playtime

INITIAL CONSULTATION                                                 FREE


1 OR 2 CATS                                                                     £6.00 PER VISIT                


3+ CATS                                                                            £7.50 PER VISIT                


5 OR MORE                                                                       Please contact us for an individual quote




House services -opening/closing curtains, taking in post,

turning lights on & off, taking out rubbish, watering plants etc                  included in above fees


Return from Holiday shopping  (maximum 5 items)                                  price of goods plus £2.00


Once or twice daily visits to feed, clean and health check            £5 per visit 


Visits to provide company and stimulation to puppies /dogs left home alone.  We can also help with training & toileting during these visits

30 minute visit                           £7.50     per visit 

1 hour visit                                £10.00   per visit


Our dog walking service is ideal for people who work long hours or are unable to take their dogs for long walks due to mobility problems or illness. Dogs left alone often suffer from anxiety and behavioural problems due to isolation or boredom. Our visits will break up the day for them as well as keeping them exercised and healthy.


We usually walk one dog at a time and will only walk multiple dogs if they are from the same household or already familiar with one another.


45 minute walk                                                  £7.50 per dog


1 hour walk                                                        £10.00 per dog


additional dogs from the same household         50% of full cost for each walk

Additional Fees (per visit)

Saturday:     Additional £2                           Bank Holidays:               Double Fee

Sunday:       Additional 50% of fee              Xmas/New Years Day:   Triple Fee


Mileage - for travel outside a 5 mile radius - 45p per mile

A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking/ inital consultation